Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Their dream is clean water. My dream is to make their dream a reality.

I would like to ask you to please think about something. What is your biggest wildest dream? Thinking about it? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could live it? I have been blessed to have the courage and faith to weather the storms life's challenges bring and make my way through them to the other side where my dreams have become my reality. I might add when my dreams become my reality they are far beyond what I ever expected. Now think about this. There are children somewhere in this world as I type this who wouldn't dare dream of the kind of dreams you and I have. They simply dream of having clean drinking water. They woke today having a much simpler dream than you and I yet somehow it seems more impossible for them to achieve drinking clean water than it is for you or me to live our dreams like I did when I walked the red carpet in Rome next to one of my favorite authors after adapting his work. As I type that I can't help but think something is so off balance in this world.

I am not saying you and I should stop our lives, stop trying to make our dreams a reality and solely do for others. But wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to do both? I believe I am being guided to do just that. As I took my hike early this morning looked at my surroundings and the place that I was able to be walking in after waking this morning I found the courage to keep up the good fight. A fight that is proving quite challenging these days. I have to say I believe everything happens for a reason but by no means does that mean that what happens is easy to handle, however it is what it is. As I produce a fundraiser as part of the UNICEF Tap Project Los Angeles team which provides children in underdeveloped countries clean drinking water I am constantly being put in scenarios daily that are teaching me yet again patience, trust, courage, and making my faith grow tremendously. I once heard that when you ask for patience, faith, etc. you aren't just handed them you are put scenarios which help you become them, acquire those traits. It stayed with me forever because I have proven that to be true over and over in every journey God guides me to. While things are proving challenging right now great things are also happening. It is honestly 50/50. I feel like it has to balance itself out because if it didn't and all went well all the time I wouldn't know faith and if it was always hard I'd be discouraged to continue.

This is what I think of when people I am working with on the fundraiser and Tap Project in general don't follow through on promises, return my calls, emails, texts and whose responses are dependent on me moving forward. I think of this and only this.

My goal is to get these children funds so we can provide them with clean drinking water. A six month volunteer position I took on knowing exactly what it entailed. So when challenges arise I focus on the children because I can't expect people to be me or handle business like me. That expectation is simply a great way to frustate myself and hold resentment because as they say an expectation is a premediated resentment. Things have been proving a bit difficult as of late but anyone who truly knows me knows that I know exactly what this means. You see I feel like I am on a ship and the waters are getting really rough, icebergs are appearing, fog is blocking my view and all this as the shore is not far away at all, aka UNICEF World Water Week is a month away as is the benefit concert. ;-) All this happening makes me realize what I've lived through before, something phenomenal is about to happen. The balance is about to be restored and while my tired body and mind want to just rest, my soul, whose been around the block a few times, knows just what to do. It rest assures my weak body and mind that the END is almost near. Yes that ENTIRELY NEW DIRECTION is near and I will get to the shore having passed the icebergs while not seeing clearly through the fog but trusting with every ounce of my being that I being guided and all is as it should be.

I gathered all my strength again while on my hike this morning as I encountered Bob Guiney whose band, Band from TV, I tried to get for our fundraiser. We chatted and I mentioned our need for a Global Water Crisis speaker for the event and he mentioned someone who he knows who he thought would be good and we had actually been trying to get her. Yes yet again I heard God speak in this universe so clearly reasurring me of its existence, saw that timing is everything, and that what comes next I have no control over. What I can control is what I do to try to make these children's dreams a reality. I am doing it. The more I think about all I have lived the more I feel it is my responsibility to help/contribute to restoring the balance of this wonderful planet in this magnificient universe so these children can get beyond the dream of clean water to the dream you and I are living by simply being able to have a computer to read this on right now. I want to help them believe that infinite possibilities are born of faith. That life while it can be challenging is a beautiful beautiful thing!!

While I went to the edge of the cliff I go to on my hikes to converse with God I asked for one thing. I said God this morning I am weak and tired from all I am facing please let me hear you. I hit shuffle on my ipod and smiled as a song about life on life's terms came on. Timing. Brett Dennen was one of the people I approached about the UNICEF fundraiser and whose music I believe lines up with UNICEF'S beliefs. I smiled and clinged onto the lyrics, "love will come set me free. I do believe!" Yes it is setting me free!

I have Winston Churchill to thank for reminding me to "Never Never Never give up." Most of all I have God and the universe to thank for making me someone who doesn't know how to give up. I believe life is too short to not experience every single part of what it entails to be human including the not so great stuff. I will continue to dream, believe and work hard to see the dreams of others and myself become our reality. Not only will I continue on this ship and see it through to shore, I trust that God and the universe are brewing something magical! Stayed tuned I guarantee you it's about to get real good and if you don't stay tuned you'll miss out on the miracle! Afterall William Ward's words reaffirm what my journey is teaching me, "Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records."

Dear children of the world I promise you we will balance this world out and you will see your dreams become your reality! My dream is to make your dream a reality and I will stop at nothing to get you your basic human right and then some! This is how my journey began and it is no where near where my journey will end! AS they say in Queen Elizabeth the Golden Age, "When the storm breaks some are dumb with terror and some spread their wings and soar." It's time to soar and the winds of change are turning in our favor to faciliate it!


  1. Sometimes the fight is all we have to keep the mind and body strong...we are both experiencing it the hard way I am afraid sweet spirit. Carry always have so you know you can.

    Love you as ever,


  2. Thank you for all you are doing! My name is DeDe Edwards and I own/operator a media company. I happened on your website. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you.